You can't just join MONZTA

You become one


Hi, I'm Kiryi, something like the Leader of the MONZTAguild. Many people ask me what is MONZTA and how they can join. I know these questions from guilds I was part of in the past and I had always an answer, but... you know, MONZTA is so much more than just a guild. Some members talk about friendship, others call it family. For some of us it's like a lifestyle, a place that feels like home or at least a group of wonderful people - wonderfully crazy people.

You can't just come to us and say "Hey, invite me please". We don't do that. "Hey, I want to join your guild". Ok, cool, but who are you? We want to know the people. The people behind their monitors are the most important part, right? So the players say "I'm friendly and funny". Sounds good, but is it the truth and does this make you a MONZTA?

There is no list of requirements, no recipe, nothing that makes you the perfect MONZTA. It's just you and us and we want to know each other. Maybe the time comes we think you have that MONZTA spirit in you. Maybe then you know that we are the people you want to hang out with. And yes, then you are a true MONZTA. I've said it in the beginning: you can't just join. Feel it. Become it!

guild photo