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Welcome to our MONZTAnetwork. Yes, we call it a Network, because it's much more than just some information about the MMORPG Flyff. Besides our growing community discussing on the forums and chatting on our Discord Server, we offer you - the passionate Flyff player - the places you really need: Market, Records, Siege Converter, even the possibility to connect to players of other official Flyff versions and many more.


The Heart of the Network

Even though MONZTA is much more than just a Flyff Guild, our Guild is the heart of the Network. Our Members are these people who have proven themselves to not just be a part of this great Community, but to be true MONZTAs. I mean, you can't just join MONZTA, you become one!

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...or Prefer Chatting?

You're belonging to these people not using forums anymore? Good news, we also have a Discord Server you can join. But also forum lovers are invited to take a step more and start to directly chat or even talk with us and other community members on our MONZTAcord. Get in touch with players from your beloved online game Flyff and meet new friends!

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Buy and Sell Your Items

Not lucky ingame to find the equipment you are searching for? Maybe our Market provides the desired items. Start your search now. Oh, and if you don't look for something special, but have a storage container full of things you don't need anymore, petty sure someone else wants to buy these items. So why not find this person on the MONZTAmarket?

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Become the King

You are stronger than everyone else? Show it! Compete with other players for the title of the king. Most health points, fastest Secret Room run or overall the best [put in your class] of all time? Submit your record directly on our forums or check out and discuss the records of your competitors. MONZTArecord is the place you get your fame.

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